Professional Portrait Photography in Portland Oregon

Versatile Portraits and Headshots for Every Occasion

Professional Portrait Photographer Portland Oregon

Candid, natural light portrait photographs of your wonderful self to celebrate a milestone or life achievement! 
Selfies are nice, but poses can be limited. Let me hold the camera while you think happy thoughts and smile.


Ultra-Value 10-Photo Package $599
Extra-Value 6-Photo Package, $399
A-Plus 1-Photo Package, $199

All Portrait Packages Include:
• Photo session
• Convenient online proofs
• Light editing to remove blemishes, stray hair, etc.
• Headshot(s) delivered to you digitally, formatted for print and for web
TIP: Wear layers to create wardrobe variety
OPTION: Purchase additional photos for $50 each. Includes high- and low-resolution digital images

Headshots and Portraits For Dating Profile Portland Oregon

Grant Park or NE Alberta Street are ideal locations for portrait photography!

Your pet is always welcome at a portrait session!

Portraits of People and Their Pets
Horse and Rider Portrait Photography
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Professional photography portraits in natural light or the studio!
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Professional Portraits in Natural Light
Natural Light Senior Portraits

Why should you hire a professional photographer?

After all, doesn’t everyone have a cell phone? Indeed, they do, but if access to technology always produced art, anyone could pick up brushes and oils to re-create the Mona Lisa. Having said that…

• Take advantage of my experience and expertise.
My celebratory portraits are designed to always make you smile. I have invested many hours in developing skills to produce a unique style. Like most photographers, I automatically eliminate eyeglass glare, stray hair, etc. but what about color enhancement, shadow/highlight contrasts, special effects? My signature style benefits YOU, making your portrait so much more than a snapshot.

• Professional photographers have distinctive post-production skills.
Whether in the darkroom or on the computer, we invest substantial hours to develop unique editing styles. Of course, we all eliminate eyeglass glare, stray hair and background distractions, but what about the color enhancement, the shadow and highlight contrasts, the special effects? Our signature styles benefit you, the client. 

• Your photo will be so much more than a snapshot.
Are you familiar with the concept of a ‘posed candid?’ Professional photographers know how to create a carefree, in-the-moment look to your portraits. These skills are foundational to people photography because we want you to remember the experience as a happy one, with beautiful pictures to prove it.

• Do you model for a living?
Most people don’t, so quality direction helps A LOT! We pros have reliable techniques for creating poses that feel right, and for helping you develop a personal connection with the camera. We guide you through the motions, so you are relaxed and look naturally confident.

• Professional photographers have all the equipment!
Do we ever! Our profession requires dependable, state-of-the-art hardware and software. I make sure everything is well maintained and I have at least two of everything, just in case…

• Sharp pictures or fuzzy memories?
Moments in time that fade in your mind become neon bright when you look at picture. Achievements, milestones, a growing family, weddings, birthdays and… Let my camera and skill produce photographs that will always make you smile.

Do you have something to celebrate?
Something exceptional? Want to know a secret? The latest trend in celebratory portraiture is The Divorce Portrait. Are you recently divorced or free from a less-than-optimal job or relationship? As soon as you recognize the wonders of fresh oxygen, contact me and I’ll portray your new-found glow with lovely natural light photos. Show me your Divorce Decree for a 10% ‘Finally Free Discount!’