Update your 2024 business profiles with a new headshot! Choose a classic studio backdrop or a contemporary natural light setting. 

For group photos, I can come to your location.

TIP For Women: Wear your signature jewelry but keep other adornment to a minimum.
TIP For Men: Bright colors in your tie are exceptionally attractive.

Thinking happy thoughts during your photo session puts a natural sparkle in your eyes, relaxes your facial muscles and makes your smile appealing. This helps attract the one who’s looking for YOU! Another thing that helps make an eye catching portrait is to wear colors that flatter your complexion and your eye color. 

TIP: Combine confidence and engaging eye contact; these are the sexiest things you can wear!

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re firmly established, a well-crafted headshot is your calling card. Practice a natural smile in front of your mirror and make strong eye contact to catch the viewer’s attention.

TIP: Round out your portfolio by adding half-length and full-length photos. Vary your wardrobe to include formal and active wear. This will demonstrate your range of style. Vary your expressions, as well: laughing, serious, friendly, etc.

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to hold your heart. Contact me for proposal and engagement portraits that capture you at your happiest, with your very special Q&A caught candidly from a discreet distance!

TIP: Where to propose? Find a place that will always be there, such as a monument or a park, so you can revisit and reminisce whenever you want!

Make blank walls happy walls with memorable keepsake portraits to cherish. Gather the ones you love, and I’ll produce sunny, sparkling updated family photographs. NOTE: Your pets are always welcome at a family portrait session!

TIP: Keep candy to a minimum around the little ones. They’ll be more focused with less sugar in the bloodstream.

You want your senior portraits to be authentically you, so that years from now, when your kids look at your graduation photos, they’ll smile and say, “Hey, you were really cool!” Let your smile follow along with happy thoughts for a natural expression.

TIP: Try your clothes on several days prior to your photo session. Make sure everything fits and flatters.

Whether you’re just beginning or you’re more experienced, you’ll benefit from a private photography lesson with a working professional. A one-on-one personal class is an ideal learning experience. Lessons are held outdoors and are available on the weekends or during the week.

TIP: Experiment with ISO settings to change the appearance of highlights and shadows.

Achieved a goal? Earned a promotion or a higher degree? Perhaps you’ve just bought your first house? Celebrate your wonderful self with a flattering natural light portrait photograph. Every time you see your smiling face, you’ll remember this happy time!

TIP: Your beautifully framed photo makes a memorable gift for holidays and birthdays!

Planning a corporate event, a holiday party, or a business meeting? Archive the dancing, fancy party clothes, elaborate buffets, keynote speakers, presentations and happy mingling! Memories stay vibrant with professional photos.

TIP: Set up the receiving line at the beginning of the buffet. As your guests stand in line to fill their plates, you can give each one a personal greeting.

Elena Rose Photography captures your candid moments and ceremony highlights, along with artfully posed portraits to begin your happily ever after with style! We love elopements and small weddings!

TIP: Having a short ceremony? Sign your marriage contract during your wedding ceremony, between the vow exchange and the kiss!

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